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Hot Nature Series
The Florida's Fabulous series of books from World Publications has long been Florida's most popular nature series. Each book contains a huge number of spectacular photographs by nature photographers who are among the best in the world. These photos have been reproduced with special inks and with the most advanced printing technology.

The text is written in a simple, user-friendly form which is as suitable for students as it is for retirees. In addition to the color photography, the strong point of these books is their presentation of serious scientific information in way that is interesting for readers of all ages and levels of knowledge.

The Florida's Fabulous books open the eyes of readers to the unique, natural wonders of the Florida environment. That is why doctors place copies in their waiting rooms, realtors give copies to new home buyers, and grandparents purchase the books to read to their grandchildren. Florida's Fabulous nature books appeal to everyone with the desire to learn more about Florida nature.